The Hidden Stories of Downtown Cairo
Five Day Workshop
Date: November 20-24, 2018
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Price: 3,000 LE/participant

Downtown Cairo is a place where the extraordinary happens. It’s silent buildings tell the story of times past and its bustling energy tells the story of today. It’s where the spirit of old Cairo lives and the energy of a new Cairo begins. In this five-day workshop we will work on discovering a hidden story in downtown Cairo.  

It could be the story of a person you meet, a building you are curious about, a restaurant that has stayed the same for many years or a new secret you discover.  

This is a full-on practical workshop where participants will meet for daily editing sessions. You will photograph in the afternoon. By the end of the five days, we will work together to edit your work into a series to add to your portfolio. 

Results of the workshop will be showcased on the last day of Cairo Photo Week.  

Limited to 10 participants only. 

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To Inquire, call +2 01211338991 

Cairo Photo Week is an annual event by Photopia Cairo that is dedicated to the image industry in Egypt. A week of events in Downtown Cairo that offers a wide variety of photography, videography & cinematography educational experience by experts in Egypt & the region. 


On Making Books
One-Day Workshop
Date: January 20, 2019
Location: The Photographer's Gallery, London, UK

Explore the possibilities of designing, sequencing, editing and publishing book projects. 

Participants are encouraged to bring their own idea or project they are working on, or hoping to realise, which would benefit from her insights and experience. 

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