*My ongoing series I'll Die For You has been shortlisted for the 2019 W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund and 2019 Alexia Foundation Grant

*Photos to Books to Art Objects, Laura El-Tantawy's "A Star in the Sea," by Robert Dunn - Robert Dunn writes a two part series exploring my self-published monographs: "Pushing this mix of strong photos and innovative layout even further is El-Tantawy’s magnificent first book, “In the Shadow of the Pyramids”—an almost perfect photobook. The photos are strong, from the family snapshots at the front of the book—it’s hard to think of a more personal photobook maker than El-Tantawy; much more on this to come—to the perfect “build” that opens the photographer’s own shots. “Build” … I tell my fiction students to work on that all the time, draw us in, up the complicity and intensity, then deliver a payoff. So in “In the Shadow of the Pyramids,” El-Tantawy’s first seven photos grow in size page by page until we hit her eighth, which is full bleed (the size of most of the rest of the shots in the book, interspersed by occasional photos from her family album, and finally a quiet diminuendo at the end, the photos tapering down in size to mimic the opening). And what a great, telling shot that first full-bleed one is: rich in vibrant and slightly off-kilter color, as many of El-Tantawy’s photos are, this one swirls and sweeps with undergarments flapping in a breeze over a jaundiced yellow Cairo skyline—a beautiful photo in its own right."

*Emotional Pictures: Sad Faces and Angry Photographers, by Colin Pantall - "Laura El-Tantawy’s In the Shadow of the Pyramids is a series of images from Cairo’s ill-fated Arab Spring. There are lines of protesters, ranks of police, people fleeing, rocks being hurled, all under the orange glow of Cairo’s sodium lamps. And then people are arrested, they’re injured, they die. And because people die, their mothers, their fathers, their family, their friends grieve. El-Tantawy shows this grief. But rather than showing the intensely performed grief that you so often see, she shows a more private grief, one that runs deeper. There are single tears for sure, but grief also comes through tight-knit lips, through the blunt ends of rounded knuckles, through thousand-yard stares and faces where the flesh sits frozen on a face numbed with grief."

*Afar, "Playing by Heart" - July/August 2019

*New Book Release: A Star in the Sea, self-published edition of 150 | 978-0-9932876-2-6 | buy here

*One of my photographs from the series In the Shadow of the Pyramids is the main image for Paris Opera's Les Indes Galantes premiering in Opera Bastille from 26 September to 15 October 2019

*I am delighted to be a member of the jury for the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. I am looking forward to see your entries.

*Laura named among The Royal Photographic Society's one hundred photographic Heroines. 2018 is being hailed as the Year of the Woman, it marks the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK and has seen significant steps taken to highlight women’s rights – from the #metoo and Times Up movements to increased awareness of the gender gap and global protests fighting for equality. Through the Hundred Heroines initiative, The RPS is adding its voice to the global discussion. Learn more here